Beach house renovation

This project started off with the removal of one internal wall. I was called in by the builder to discuss the structure.

It was found that the whole building had work done to it at different stages over a long period of time. None of it was consented and most of it structurally insufficient. No original plans were available so I had to draw up the whole building as I found it first . Then I drew the proposed alterations and additions. This included extensive deck structures and increased window and door openings. Then the structural engineer had his input to achieve compliance. The design he came up with was then implemented in the my plans and specifications. The building consent application was lodged and approved.

The build started. As the demolition took place another structural deficiency was uncovered and had to be dealt with straight away in order to keep the work flow going. The communication lines with the builder were working well and the issue resolved.

In the process of the build the client decided they wanted some changes to the design of the deck structure. These changes to the original design required a amendment to the building consent.

Posted: Monday 9 May 2016