Small reconfiguration

To fit the new kitchen in, the laundry is being relocated into the garage and the hot water cylinder is moved into a newly created linen cupboard next to the kitchen.  For the laundry in the garage, an extension of the drains is required. To install this drain correctly it had to go under the existing concrete slab in the garage. This required he slab to be cut.

The window in the existing laundry is blocked off to provide wall space for the range hood.

In the bathroom the dividing wall to the separate toilet is removed. This provided more space to upgrade the shower. All the other existing sanitary fixtures are upgraded. We were able to use the same waste connections within the concrete slab.

There is some work that can be done without a building consent and some is borderline this is why I have consulted with council, and it was determined to apply for an exemption from building consent for this work. I still had to prepare drawings for the builder and of course the work had to comply with the NZ Building Code.

The exemption was granted after 20 working days. This saved the client considerable processing fees.

Posted: Thursday 26 April 2018